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Started by two SoCal brothers, stick.e.vape is now a family business. Both brothers with equal passions; one brother out to stand up against big pharma and create natural alternatives. Another brother set out to create the finest flower and cannabis oil that the world has ever seen.

The company started as a house brand to a few family owned and operated dispensaries in North County San Diego. The house brand became the most popular selling brand in the dispensaries and demand became huge. Now the house brand is called stick.e.vape and is available in disposables and cartridges & for wholesale to outside dispensaries. The line prides itself on its organic and premium quality oils.

stick.e.vape is a movement - Open Your Mind.

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Risk banner  tape .png

Risk OG Kush

We teamed up with world famous street artist Risk Rick to create the perfect packaging for our launch of The Risk OG Kush pen. Risk along time friend of the owners was a natural collaboration and the beginning of what will be called the stick.e.vape artists series. Art and Cannabis have always gone hand in hand.


  • Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifting


  • True to the strain OG Kush

super moon 2 .jpg

Dirty Heads - Super Moon

Inspired the Dirty Heads song Super Moon. Find yourself hanging with the stars after one hit.

  • Indica

  • Dos Si Dos / Sky Walker OG

DH Square Lift Me Up .jpg

Dirty Heads - Lift Me Up

Inspired by the Dirty Heads song Lift Me Up. This strain will have you feeling energetic and active.

  • Sativa

  • Tangie / Jack Herrer

Cloud Lifter square .jpg

Dirty Heads - Cloud Lifter

Inspired by the Dirty Heads song Cloud Lifter. Float above the clouds and find your creative space.

  • Hybrid

  • Tahoe / Blue Razz

SWR Square .jpg

Sublime With Rome - Wild Fire

Inspired by the Sublime with Rome song Wildfire. One hit and youโ€™ll feel the high spread across you like Wild Fire, this strain has a quick reaction time and a strong head high.

  • Sativa

  • Green Crack / Ghost Train Haze

SWR Square Blackout .jpg

Sublime With Rome - Blackout

Inspired by the Sublime with Rome song Blackout. Perfect for the evening use or heavy doser, expect Blackout to hit you fast and hard like the power went out.

  • Indica

  • Blackberry Kush / Kosher Kush

Mayday Square .jpg

Sublime With Rome - Blessings

Inspired by the Sublime with Rome song Blessings. A perfect companion for meditating and relaxing, one dose will have you feeling enlightened and stress free.

  • Hybrid

  • Holy Grail / Tahoe OG

fletcher banner.png
fletcher old .jpg
Fletcher Square .jpg

Christian Fletcher X stick.e.vape

We teamed up with legendary surfer Christian Fletcher to create a strong hybrid that will leave you feeling like your floating in water. We know the tole surfing can have on your body so we engineered this strain to target muscle recovery.

  • Hybrid

  • Muscle Recovery / Anxiety / Pain Relief


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